Spend a Fall Afternoon at Bluemont Park

Bluemont Park showcases eco-friendly touches at every turn, starting with its foliage. When the park was designed, experts carefully uprooted invasive species that had taken over the area in order to allow native plants to reclaim what was rightfully theirs. The park pays homage to the local agriculture scene by preserving parts of Reevesland, the area’s most recent operating dairy. Perhaps most importantly, Bluemont Park also claims a section of the Washington and Old Dominion Trail.

Hop on the trail at Bluemont Park to go for a long, leisurely autumn run or bike ride. You can also explore the other parts of the park, which offer ample opportunities for recreation. Face off against a friend on the tennis court, play a game of baseball on an open diamond, or chase after a ball on the soccer field. Afterward, grab a snack from the healthy vending machines and enjoy the crisp fall air.

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