Cool Off With a Frozen Treat at Mango Mango Desserts

Spring may only have just begun but there’s no denying that summer isn’t far behind it. Soon enough, we’ll be soaking up the sunshine and showing off new swimsuits and shades. Can’t you just smell the sunscreen and feel the drip of condensation as you sip a cool drink on a hot summer’s day? 

Thanks to Mango Mango Desserts, a global chain with a location right here in Falls Church, you don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy the fruity drink of your dreams. With their mission of making “edible incredible,” Mango Mango offers smoothies, tea, foam, and other toppings that are sure to transport you to the tropics with each sip. Sip at a fresh banana smoothie, mixed fruit jasmine tea, or an avocado tea topped with cheese foam. 

Still embracing the chilly side of springtime? Try one of their hot dessert options, like black rice or walnut paste soups, or sip a hot cup of summer rose black tea to warm up before summer really does come. 

Pair your favorite drink with a crepe, waffle, or other dessert and be sure to make a note of what other treats sound delicious—you’ll be turning to Mango Mango for something sweet all year long.

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